What is G suite used for?

Is G Suite worth the cost?
See why it is worth using!

Your domain + Gmail

Easily combine your custom domain with Gmail. Use the complete business version of G Suite. A proper configuration with the help of a specialist helps you minimise the amount of messages which will be interpreted as spam by your clients’ servers.

All archived data in G Suite – migration

Yes, it can be done! You do not need to use your old email system and G SUITE at the same time. Our experts can transfer your data so that they are always easily available.

More than complete security

Suspect hosting services, strange extensions when logging into your mailbox, unsecured servers – you can leave them all behind. Purchase G SUITE at an affordable price to receive the most secure email system, cloud storage and a number of other tools (confirmed by numerous reports – click here).

You can also use additional security measures such as two-factor authentication or logging in from the central administrator console.

At least 30 GB for storing your data

G Suite Basic gives every user 30 GB of space for virtual data. The Business package and above offer completely unlimited space. After all, why should you worry about shrinking cloud space for company documents? Remember – work simpler!

Mobility in the service of business

Use Google tools on any number of devices – included in the price of the G Suite package! Combine functionalities, add users and grant access permissions. If necessary, locate devices or even block access for unwanted users. Be in control without limiting your business freedom.

Lower IT infrastructure costs

G Suite is an efficient solution which allows you to reduce unnecessary internal IT infrastructure, decreasing hardware, energy and maintenance costs as a result. This optimises labour and resource use, driving effectiveness and quality. It also makes teamwork easier and helps you achieve your company’s full potential.

More convenience thanks to Forever Cloud

Forever Cloud is made up of Google technology enthusiasts and practitioners who can help you implement the solutions developed by Google in your business.

What does that mean?

Forever Cloud experts

We act as an intermediary in payments for Google.

All payments are made directly to us, using Google’s price list.

2. You can pay in PLN

You do not need to pay in EUR and we do not require your debit card number. You can also pay in EUR if you prefer.

3. You receive a VAT invoice

We issue a Polish VAT invoice in the currency of your choosing with a deferred payment deadline.

ATTENTION! You are already a G Suite user and need a VAT invoice for the licence. Contact us!

4. Plan flexibility

Manage payments and linked accounts easier
  • You can increase or decrease the amount of accounts every month. The fee is calculated monthly.
  • Purchase G Suite for one year. You can increase the number of accounts, but you cannot delete them. The fee is EUR 3.34 per month or EUR 40 when paid in advance for an entire year.

Professional G Suite training

We are happy to train your employees and other individuals on how to use the most important features of G Suite
(Gmail for business, Google Drive, Docs, Calendar and more).

The best option
Solutions GSuite Basic GSuite Bussines GSuite Enterprise


monthly fee per user


monthly fee per user


monthly fee per user


annual fee per licence


annual fee per licence


annual fee per licence
business e-mail addresses (e.g. secondname@yourbusiness.com)
video and voice calls
integrated online calendars
storage space 30 GB of online space for storing and synchronising files unlimited storage space (or 1 TB per user if the number of users does not exceed 5) unlimited storage space (or 1 TB per user if the number of users does not exceed 5)
text documents, calculation sheets and online presentations
easy project site creation
administrative control and security functions
24/7 support via e-mail and by phone
advanced drive administration settings
audit analyses and reporting on disc content and access
Google Vault package enabling the use of the e-Discovery service on email messages, chats, documents and files
easy searching and exporting to various formats
archiving all email messages sent by your company
setting message storage rules
setting up and using hold mechanisms on email accounts for court-related purposes
Gmail data loss prevention
Google Drive data loss prevention
Hosted S/MIME encryption in Gmail
optional Gmail integration with compatible third-party archiving tools
business-class access control based on security keys
Gmail log analysis in BigQuery