G Suite


G Suite Basic / G Suite Business / G Suite Enterprise

What are these services by Google? G Suite for companies!

G SUITE is an advanced cloud tool package available via browsers and applications, designed to make everyday business processes smoother.

The package was previously known as Google Apps for Work. The goal was to create reliable, easily accessible and secure applications for businesses worldwide to use.

G SUITE Business combines state-of-the-art cloud and AI technology with the convenience and speed of tools known to nearly every Internet user.

They are simple, but… on your own, you may only use 50% of their potential! Working with Forever Cloud, you can achieve much more.

Why choose us?

Google Apps Administrator certificate – we know all G Suite Basic and G Suite Business applications like the back of our hand. This certification proves that we can implement, administer and expand the services offered by G Suite.

Google Apps Deployment Specialist – the data used by G Suite hold no secrets for us. This makes processes such as integrating the package with your business and data migrations much faster, and improves the technical efficiency of the entire system.

Google Apps for Work Sales Specialist – we have knowledge of the business goals of various types of organisations and enterprises. This certificate proves that we can help you utilise the full potential of every G Suite app.

Google services are everywhere
this is why Forever Cloud operates everywhere.

From the very beginning, we have been successfully implementing G Suite solutions for clients across Poland.
We implement dedicated IT systems utilising Google Cloud Platform.

Forever Cloud experts can:

Set up a free version of G Suite for you

so that you can see for yourself how everything works in practice for free before making a decision. With pleasure!

Configure the Google service ecosystem

configure the required components to meet your specific needs.

Discuss your business with you

understanding the needs and key elements of a business is necessary for successful implementation.

Ensure smooth data migration

changes in a company always require exporting and importing great amounts of data. We know perfectly well that data migrations must be as smooth and effective as possible.

Offer the support you need

every employee needs time to accustom themselves to new methods. We help and explain with patience, and you can contact us at any time.

Clear up all doubts!

questions, suggestions, unorthodox ideas and solutions. We are here to offer a personalised approach.

Using Gmail for business

Simplicity + Speed + Security = Successful management