G Suite services


The world’s most popular mailbox, used by people across the globe. This is thanks to its reliability, speed, simple UI and convenience. Moreover, Gmail offers completely secure communication because it is maintained 24/7 by a team of specialists, offers two-step authentication and effectively protects from spear phishing. It is the perfect mailbox for both individual users and businesses – also because of the wealth of functionalities it offers.

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  • Calendar
    The Calendar will introduce order into your work – never again will you forget about an important event. You can create notes, set notifications and share information with others.
  • Hangouts Chat
    A secure and functional instant messenger enabling multiple users to communicate in real time.
  • Hangouts Video
    Group video calls for smoother business communication – high video and sound quality and reliability guaranteed.
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Google Docs

Google Docs is the perfect alternative to other popular office packages. It is made up of a set of tools which enable you to create various types of content and then save it in the cloud. You can write articles, create presentations, calculation sheets and even applications – the tools are easy-to-use, offer a plethora of useful functions and do not take up precious disc space. You can access your data at any time and from any place, offering supreme convenience for users!

  • Docs
    The base app for creating text documents – contains all the necessary tools and functionalities to edit your content the way you want.
  • Sheets
    Calculation sheets are used in every office – Sheets is a professional, easy-to-use tool featuring all the functionalities you need.
  • Forms
    Google also lets you create all types of forms – you can create a professional-looking questionnaire or test and share it with others.
  • Slides
    A powerful tool for creating visually-pleasing and professional presentations, fully customisable to meet your needs.
  • Sites
    Creating team websites has never been easier – Google Docs enables you to create great-looking and useful content which is easily accessible for everyone and from any place.
  • App Maker
    G Suite enables you to create custom business applications without having to write thousands of lines of code and with the help of other Google tools.
  • Keep
    If you want to remember about all important and less-important events, use Google Keep. It enables you to take notes containing dates and places, among others.

Google Drive

This service lets you to store and synchronise large amounts of files directly on Google servers. You can create different types of documents, share and edit them from any device, even offline. You also have access to multiple Google tools and you can also personalise your privacy settings, all this with the help of a simple, intuitive interface. Enjoy the highest level of data security and save space on your computer or phone!

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Admin console

Every G Suite user can access their own admin console to create accounts, manage application and service settings, add mobile devices to the account and edit their company’s profile and logo. It also enables you to generate several types of reports, develop security measures and enlist the help of an expert – giving you complete control over your data and applications.

Google Vault

A comprehensive tool for storing, searching, exporting and blocking data. It can be used with files stored on Google Drive, e-mail messages, Hangouts recordings and chats, as well as Google Groups discussions. This service enables you to archive any type of content, secure it for legal purposes and generate reports on user activity. This makes content management both simple and effective when using any device!

Usługi G Suite ochrona danych
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Mobile device management

This functionality secures the data stored on your phone, which can be useful if you lose it, for example. It offers easy access to applications for you and your employees, enables you to quickly set the necessary passwords and access permissions, as well as effectively separate business applications from personal ones. The tool is compatible with all operating systems, and is easy to use and highly reliable – no matter where you are at the time.