G Suite vs security and the GDPR – useful information

G SUITE is a very popular solution among companies wanting to expand in a smooth and effective manner. Using tools offered by Google offers a range of benefits for business owners and employees, but it also requires ensuring an appropriate level of security. After all, G SUITE processes a lot of data – both personal and corporate, and the cloud contains all types of files and information. 

Let us see how Google ensures that they are adequately protected.

G SUITE and security

G SUITE is a special package for business clients which utilises the cloud – all information which is processed and stored in the cloud is not physically on your computer, but on Google servers instead.. This solution is beneficial for several reasons – you do not have to use your own disc space, you have quick access to all of your data, and opening files takes little to no time. But what about security?

Since its inception, Google has been doing everything to meet the needs and ensure the security of its users, especially corporate users. This is why Google uses multiple methods of data protection – focusing on the most effective and advanced ones. These include:

  • security key encryption, which prevents intruders from breaking into company accounts,
  • two-step verification, which ensures that company resources are used only by trusted, verified users,
  • access protection, which prevents unauthorised data access,
  • security audits and log monitoring for detecting unauthorised activity, monitoring shared data etc.

Add to that dedicated email security measures and several other minor solutions, and what you get is complete security – both for corporate data owners and employees using company data. When using G SUITE, you can rest assured that nobody will break into your account, steal your data or engage in any unauthorised activity..

But what about personal data protection?

The solutions implemented by Google enable Data Controllers to more easily adapt all data processing to the requirements of the GDPR. However, it is important to remember that it is the responsibility of companies to implement effective data processing and protection policies – G SUITE is compatible with that, but it is you as a business owner who should appoint a Data Controller and ensure that all GDPR-related processes in your company are compliant with the regulation.

G SUITE – complete data security

As you can see, thanks to Google’s effective policy and attention to security-related matters, you can use G SUITE your own way without worrying about anything. G SUITE lets you develop your business without having to stress about data security!


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