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Using Gmail for business

Simplicity + Speed + Security = Successful management

How can Gmail for business and other G Suite services make your everyday work easier?

Respond to your clients faster

How many times have you sent your offer “too late” or there has been an unexpected problem along the way? All of this can be avoided.

Respond more effectively – receive notifications exactly when you need them.

Gmail dla firm, dokumenty, dysk google, kalendarz wirtualny Share files instead of sending them as attachments

Where is that important attachment? Which inbox is it in? How do I access it? Problems like these prevent your business from growing.

Use the Google Drive service for business to have all your files on hand at all times. Fewer attachments, less chaos.

Gmail dla firm Keep in touch with your partners at all times

Unanswered urgent questions, nagging doubts and delayed decisions. Your company needs as few of those as possible!

Live chat, video calls via Hangouts, live comments in documents – work smarter, not longer.

GSuite, dysk google, kalendarz wirtualny Plan your and your team’s meetings

Clear goals are the key to success. The more people know what to do and stick to the schedule, the better their work will be.

Use the convenient calendar updated in real-time and enjoy the clarity.

The best option
Solutions GSuite Basic GSuite Bussines GSuite Enterprise


monthly fee per user


monthly fee per user


monthly fee per user


annual fee per licence


annual fee per licence


annual fee per licence
business e-mail addresses (e.g.
video and voice calls
storage space 30 GB of online space for storing and synchronising files unlimited storage space (or 1 TB per user if the number of users does not exceed 5) unlimited storage space (or 1 TB per user if the number of users does not exceed 5)
archiving all email messages sent by your company
Gmail data loss prevention
Google Drive data loss prevention